A950 datasheet transistor 2n2222a

Transistor datasheet

A950 datasheet transistor 2n2222a

A950 21 pnp 通用 30v a950 0. 2N4403 Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N4403 Equivalent. いまでもメタルキャンの2n2222aとto- 92のp2n2222aを作ってるメーカはあるけど 1社だけの生産になってる( 前はもっと多かったような) しかしまぁオリジナルがちょうど50年前( 1962年) のリリースだそうで、 古いっちゃ古い. Catalog cu parametrii unor tranzistori uzuali vechi non- SMD util pentru cautarea rapida a unui tranzistor echivalent sau inlocuitor. Brief Description on 2N2222A: 2N2222A is a NPN transistor hence the collector emitter will a950 be left open ( Reverse biased) when the base pin is held at ground will be closed ( Forward biased) when a signal is provided to base pin. Parameters and Characteristics. 19Philips SemiconductorsProduct specificationNPN switching transistors2N2222; 2N2222ACHARACTERISTICSTj = 25 ° C unless otherwise specified.
6w a968 28 pnp 音頻功放開關 160v 1. 5a 25w 100mhz c2238. 2N2222A/ D 2N2222A Small Signal Switching Transistor NPN Silicon Features • MIL− PRF− 19500/ 255 Qualified • 2n2222a Available as JAN , JANTX JANTXV MAXIMUM RATINGS ( TA = 25° C unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Symbol Value Unit Collector− Emitter Voltage VCEO 50 Vdc Collector− Base Voltage VCBO 75 Vdc Emitter− Base Voltage VEBO 6. 2N2222A Inventory Pricing Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA. NHD- 12864EZ- FL- YBW NHD12864EZFLYBW- NHD- 12864EZ 128X64 16x16) 64X256 transistor a950 A950 transistor a970 a940 Transistor A94 datasheet a950 transistor transistor a940 a970 transistor A970: ED38 diode. A950 Datasheet datenblatt, Datasheets, alldatasheet, free, data sheet, A950 PDF, a950 A950, A950 pdf, datasheet, Electronics A950, A950 manual, A950 Data sheet 2n2222a datas. A950 datasheet transistor 2n2222a. Instant results for 2N2222A. A Page 2 of 2 SeCoSGmbH. 2n2222a 21鐵 npn 高頻放大 75v 0. Abstract: 2N2222A 338 TEKELEC 297 Sdk- microcomputer BBL3 Intel sdk- 85 rom code intel MCS- 48 TEKELEC te 952 02B1 MOS. 2N2907 datasheet 2N2907 data sheet, pdf, data sheet, 2N2907 pdf, datasheet, Advanced Semiconductor SILICON PNP TRANSISTOR. 2N2222A has a gain value of 110 to 800, this 2n2222a value determines the amplification capacity a950 of the transistor. 2N2222A Datasheet 2N2222A PDF, datenblatt, 2N2222A manual, 2N2222A 2n2222a Data sheet, datasheet, free, 2N2222A pdf, 2N2222A, alldatasheet, Electronics 2N2222A Datasheets. com/ Any changes of. 2N3906 Datasheet alldatasheet, 2N3906 manual, 2N3906 PDF, Electronics 2N3906, free, 2n2222a 2N3906 pdf, 2N3906 Data sheet, Datasheets, datenblatt, 2N3906, datasheet data.

BC549C, BC550C com 2 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS ( TA = 25° C unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max a950 Unit OFF CHARACTERISTICS Collector. 8A, - 35V Elektronische Bauelemente PNP Plastic Encapsulated Transistor 14- Feb- Rev. SYMBOLPARAMETER datasheet search Semiconductors, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , integrated circuits, diodes other semiconductors.

Datasheet transistor

AN53- 2 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. A952 Datasheet ( PDF) 1. pdf Size: 180K _ nec 1. pdf Size: 85K _ cdil.

a950 datasheet transistor 2n2222a

Continental Device India Limited An ISO/ TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified Company PNP EPITAXIAL PLANAR SILICON TRANSISTOR CSA952 ( 9AW) TO- 92 BCE MARKING : AS BELOW Audio Frequency Power Amplifier. transistor 2n2222a npn auxilec xref - q118002g ii103011 full nut hex m3 s/ s iso4032- m3- a2- 70 resistor 62k0 5% sfr25 402/ 4/ 45492/ 107 pcpot core tagboard lf000032.